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Moissanite Bracelets

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Womens VVS Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

Experience the true look and shine of VVS diamonds at an affordable price! This beautiful bracelet will turn heads everywhere and goes with any outfit. Looks great stacked with other bracelets or a watch. Our top quality colorless moissanite hits harder and outshines everything. They have more fire and brilliance than CZ and any other fake diamond. Visually, they look identical to expensive VVS diamonds. Moissanite has a hardness rating of 9.25 out of 10 and tests positive as a diamond on most handheld testers. Real natural diamond tennis chains cost anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000+ for larger stone versions. Get the same experience for less. D Color. VVS1+ Clarity Ideal Cut (Hearts and Arrows Facet Pattern) Genuine 925 Sterling Silver GRA grading certificate for 3mm and larger stones Authenticity card and box included

$170.00 From $127.50

Large 925 Silver Moissanite Iced Out Ball Bracelet

This large 8mm iced out bead bracelet will keep you looking fresh and never go out of style. Get that 360 degree crushed out look with the iciest stones in existence. Order yours today! This bracelet is hand crafted out of genuine sterling silver, not fake plated metal. The stones are real D color VVS1 clarity moissanite. It shines harder than cheap stones like CZ or glass rhinestones. Moissanite has a hardness rating of 9.25 out of 10 (diamonds are 10, CZ is 3-4). They are visually identical to diamonds with the naked eye and even passes commonly used diamond testers. Get the exact look of VVS diamonds at a much lower price. D Color VVS Clarity Moissanite 925 Sterling Silver (Rhodium Finish) 8mm Width. 8 Inch Length

$465.00 $348.75